The Power Of Perception

Leaders Without Either Balls, Morals Or Brains

Marketing historically relies on the maxim that perception is actually reality for most people, quite apart from the objective truth that exists, in other words a given person’s perceived reality is subject to what they subjectively believe to be true, quite apart from what is actually and objectively true.

Many of Australia’s biggest businesses appear to be on a collision course with their customer base for the following reasons.

There is a rapidly growing perception in the population that the Australian Government are part of an agenda to commit genocide in this country by way of dispensing poisons and presenting them as alleged vaccines, and then proceeding to visit the ensuing destruction upon an unsuspecting public, while big businesses, most unwisely I would have thought, appear to be supportive of these so called innovations.

Government appear to be doing this with the full support of some of Australia’s largest businesses all co-operating with this Covid 19 fraud, while some more than others think it wise to curry favour with government by assuming a leading role by introducing measures on their own initiative, measures that have no proof of efficacy that has ever been presented and authenticated¬† by scientific proof, just as the government measures have not been presented with any evidence to support the purported efficacy.¬† Indeed common sense indicates that there is no basis in fact to support some of these measures.

Personally, I have not spent a cent in either Bunnings or Officeworks over the last 18 months, will never again fly with Quaint Arse and would avoid any dealings with the NAB under any circumstances and would encourage all Australians to bypass these somewhat less than patriotic organizations.

In short businesses are partnering with government in an assault on our country, its values and traditions and it does not indicate that the executives of these businesses have a great lot going for them in the area of IQ.

If government’s population goals are achieved then you don’t have to be Einstein to appreciate that there will be significantly fewer customer’s about to purchase yours or any one else’s organizations products and services, over the longer term forcing a constriction on sales of products and services and a winding back of supply due to lessening demand.

Secondly any business adopting a proactive stance on both mask wearing or forcing vaccinations on its workers face huge compensation penalties and incarceration as they offend a myriad of workplace health and safety provisions that require SWMS strategies and MSD Statements. Then of course there are obligations to meet with the common law which delve into issues like criminal negligence, duty of care and charges that may include manslaughter as an example and of course the potential for class actions are almost unlimited.

In the face of what appears to be the apparent facts then any shareholder would do well to question the effects on returns and financial performance if the boards of these companies  and their executives think it trendy to support the Covid hoax, then perhaps reconsidering if the value and worth of the generous salaries appropriated to these executives is warranted.

Executive IQ’s are very much under scrutiny in this brave new world and if the leaders of these large Australian businesses are similar in stature, intelligence and calibre of all the premiers in the states and territories of Australia, then we are in trouble big time.

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