Authority Without A Basis In Law Is Void.

Are we just jumping over the illusional obstacle all the sheep jump?

What completely amazes me and leaves me absolutely gob smacked is that people are obsessively observing laws that do not actually exist while police forces in every state continue to enforce these non existent laws leaving themselves open to personal liability.

There are no actual laws for instance that compels people to:

  1. Wear masks indoors, outdoors or anywhere else.
  2. To observe social distancing.
  3. To observe travel restrictions.
  4. To observe restrictions on congregation limits.
  5. To accept vaccinations under duress.
  6. To provide Privacy details to retailers or others.
  7. To observe curfews.
  8. To observe Lock Down instructions.

Police unfortunately are enforcing all of the above so called “laws” that do not exist leaving themselves open to substantial personal liability. None of these “directives” equate to law, no one is required to do or observe “directives” issued by an unelected bureaucrat who provides no evidence to support the efficacy of the measures he imposes.

What is absolutely stunning is the number of Australians who comply like sheep, in particular observing mask wearing and QR requirements that have no basis in law to support these government demands, and for which no fine they issue is lawfully enforceable because no crime has been committed, its all bluff.

We have a situation where Police are not enforcing actual laws, but rather the thought bubbles of Psychopathic politicians who wish to steal the country and thus the futures of our children, including the futures of the children of a dumb police service who are basically destroying the country they live in, wake the fuck up boys, these genocidal maniacs are after you as much as us. Too stupid to realize they are exposing themselves to legal liability for the act of enforcing “directives” that are not laws and which do not exist which is fraud, not a great career enhancer.

So, we can begin to understand the misuse of authority by government we need to appreciate the fact that authority is being exercised by groups of people who are in the habit of exercising authority they do not possess, take your local council as an example.

These are the obvious groups who exercise power without any legitimate authority to do so. One of the historically fundamental principles of any  legitimate government at any level is the basic principle that government can only exist with the consent of the governed, one cannot exist without the existence of the other, and it is a relatively obvious conclusion given that numerous referendums reveal the fact that local government has never been approved of by the people, is not recognized by the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 and as such any purported authority is invalid. Furthermore, councils acting as local governments, neither, possess the consent of the governed as repeated referendums on the matter of their establishment indicate they have no authority to mandate anything at all.

What this means of course is that local government has no authority to levy rates, issue parking fines or exercise any authority whatsoever over your land, or crown land for that matter. The lack of legitimate authority does not prevent them from closing off parks and playgrounds, erecting QR sign ins in these areas and presuming to take control of, acquire and dispose of property that does not belong to them, taking the lead from State and Federal governments who likewise have no authentic authority to issue orders of any sort, sign agreements with foreign foreign powers which essentially and effectively contracts and commits people to obligations with out their consent or agreement even being sought.

Indeed none of our governments are legitimate due to the fact that they are all registered corporations, incorporated in the USA and are complete with ABN’s that identify them as commercial operations, not distinct from Hungry Jacks or McDonalds who have exactly the same authority as the pretend governments, which is none whatsoever. No government has any authority over the living men and women of the geographical land mass known as Australia.

At the top of the pyramid of authority is God, under him his direct creations living men and women, under Living men and women are their creations, Monarchy’s, Governments and their agencies which are created to serve the people, not Lord it over them.

If you wish to have a country in which your kids may enjoy an acceptable standard of living in the future, then hold the line, resist and do not comply.

Represents the interests of the New World Order against the people.

Like all the fake authorities the City of Greater Geelong like every other Council in Australia operates in fraud, without any valid authority and is thus committing extortion, fraud and theft against the people of Geelong. Central to the successful operation of the fraud results from a basic confusion where the people believe that because they live in the geographical location of the area known as Greater Geelong they come under the auspices of the corporate paper fiction known as the City of Greater Geelong in which you can only be a member of by way of contract. Without a contract binding you to the corporation of the paper fiction of the City of Greater Geelong they have no authority and no claim on you or your property without your consent.

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