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With over 30 years in Real Estate sales, land sales and new homes along with some commercial leasing and acquisitions, there’s not a lot about Real Estate John doesn’t have experience with. Although I still have some involvement in the Industry I have taken a greater interest in how the system works and it really stinks to high heaven. And its just not Real Estate I’m referring to but this is a highly manipulated system that is supported by artificial means that is designed to firstly benefit government and the people they work for, the banks and the Reserve Banking System which has sought to literally enslave the people who are unnecessarily borrowing huge amounts due to the settings and policies put in place by vested interests. Banks do not lend any money, they issue credit on the value of the promissory that you provide and create money out of thin air that devalues the money already in circulation so it becomes difficult to estimate if a property is actually increasing in value or whether  the value of money is reducing through inflation.

Either way what I have come to learn over the last few years is that the level of corruption in our society runs very deep, governments run by crooked politicians and a judicial system inherited from the Vatican operate in cahoots with judges, lawyers and enforcement to separate people from their commercial energy for their own enrichment. On a positive note there are lawful steps that one can take to tackle these parasites in many instances through lawful strategies that people can apply for their own protection and for others, this is my passion, yet I don’t do it for the money, ultimately that is just an illusion, there is no money, just IOU’s there are no debits and credits in our final destination and we are a lot longer there than we will be here.

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